About Us

Not all diagnostics is the same.

 At Plant Diagnostics we use our vast knowledge to take a holistic approach with our clients specific needs at the centre of everything that we do. Diagnostics is complex and instead of being just a testing service, we interpret what the results mean for our clients and what can be done about the specific issue. As a research lab, we work with industry groups and private clients to find solutions to broader scale disease issues.

Mark Braithwaite: B. Hort. Sc., M. Hort. Sc. Hons 1
Consulting Diagnostician


mob: 027 947 9450

Mark is a diagnostic plant pathologist trained in both classical morphological and modern molecular identification methods. Mark has 40 years experience identifying fungi and bacteria for growers, industry representatives and quarantine/biosecurity purposes. In addition, Mark has experience in designing and conducting research trials, surveying crops for plant diseases, fungicide resistance screening and providing advice on plant health problems.

Bronwyn Braithwaite: B. Hort. Sc. Hons.
Laboratory Manager, Crop Consultancy, Administration


mob: 027 332 9934

Bronwyn is a Lincoln graduate in Horticultural Science and has many years of experience in Horticultural Consultancy dealing with greenhouse crops and cut flowers and in university laboratory and field research projects related to plant pathology. 

Lewis Braithwaite: PGDipAppSci
Laboratory and Field Technician


mob: 027 712 6307

Lewis has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Science at Lincoln University which focused mainly on plant pathology, integrated pest management and research methods. His primary interests lie in plant disease diagnostics and other aspects of plant pathology.

Emily Hicks: BSc, Hons, 1st class
Field and Laboratory Technologist


Emily attained a degree in microbiology (Otago University, 2002). She is a skilled technician with experience in microbiology, and a range of molecular techniques. Emily has worked on research on biocontrol for two plant pathogens (in a prior role, with Mark Braithwaite as a manager), which involved all aspects (design, management, assessment and analysis) of laboratory, glasshouse and field experiments.

Uykim Lim: Master of Pest Management

Laboratory and Field Technician

Kim has completed a Master’s degree in Plant Pest Management at Lincoln University which focused on plant pathology, invertebrates, ecological research, and conservation. He is involved in experimental setup, data collection, and assists with our plant disease diagnostic service.